Sexy dancing Latina with wide hips

Sexy dancing Latina with wide hips for the webcam. Yes, she gives the tag ebony herself. So Cristi first shows us her room. Her grey pack fits very well around her big breasts. Cristi is new with her 2100 followers. She is 24 years old (Antioquia, Colombia) and doesn’t show her face directly. She does it later, she looks straight into the camera with her dark eyes. I feel a slight tingling. Especially because she laughs so sweetly.

But good lord, she is well-built by nature. Full large breasts and wide hips. It gives a good boost to your masculinity. She is not as inaccessible as it seems, but only 15 viewers in her chat on

You can talk to her in Spanish. And she types back in English. It is not entirely clear to me whether she is live from a studio or her house. But her connection continues without any problems. Good webcam and sound. And do not forget to ask sometimes. Her phone is very important, or maybe I’m to old to understand. Luckily I get a big kiss from her.

Sexy Latina Cristi