Sexy Susan from Colombia

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Sexy Susan from Colombia
Sexy Susan from Colombia stands with her ass to the visitors. Her black panties are hiding a pussy and big ass. Unfortunately sexy Susan talk not so much with the guests. On request she put a dildo in her ass. How do we know? Twenty minutes ago she did it and now she is waiting for tips, but yeah, why tip? The 28-year-old lady stands up, a rhythmic Spanish music comes from her laptop speakers.

The aim is to give a striptease, her black bra goes off. The large ebony breasts are now live on-screen. Then she start to strip but first a tip. We don’t understand her, she speaks Spanish and to loud. But the way she keep talking and moving her head says enough. Therefore the 21 visitors are not going to tip.

Why is it difficult for some models to make money? Not a good camera and sound, no “relationship” with the viewers and cranky. Things that are still easy to fix, if you look at her personal page she made pretty good pictures. Well, you find out how she is doing it today. Oh wait, so just on time. She use a big white dildo to penetrate her cunt.

Susan penetrating her twat