Two ebony girls from Colombia

Two live girls from Colombia

Two ebony girls from Colombia. They have a lot of fun when they get tips. If you look closely you can see that both have a black “thing” between the legs. That’s a dildo with sound sensor which moves when hearing a sound. So, tips means vibration. But now they start screaming after tips, the dildo will vibrate?

In the picture above the lady on the left like to wear again her shirt. Fortunately, we were just in time for a shot. Ten minutes later it is quiet in the girls room, yeah tips guys.

So it was not too interesting, they’re both overweight. What’s about, we see it a lot with girls from Colombia? Shakira is such a nice slim girl ;-). But heavy that also means nice big tits. For camshow it’s the fantasy that counts. For real sex just subscribe to Nice fucking during the holidays.

Screaming black girls from Colombia